Each piece will be unique in form, and in the flame and melted ash effects. These are some examples There are many more.



Lg. stoneware mug. Rutile glaze. $55



Tea cup Shino glaze inside ,flame flashed clay exterior 93 mm. av. $55






Porcelain marbled cups with cobalt blue glaze 90 mm. high  $55, to $65 for the large ones.



Porcelain marbled bowl 137 mm. av. wide. with a cobalt blue gaze $49 . I have a smaller dessert size 123mm. wide av. at $39, and a wider one at $59.



Stoneware lithium/titanium glazed bowl 145mm. wide $49



Porcelain cups with burnished copper and flame flashing $55  to $79. These ones are 90 mm. high and each unique .



Burnished copper flame flashed 112mm. high $75



Sphere vase, burnished copper flame flashed 125 mm. wide av. $110 to $135


Flame flashed stoneware teapot. Five to six cup capacity. Rutile glaze. $175



Honey jar with twirler 115mm. high av. $55. This one is flame flashed stoneware. I have sim. in porcelain . Also jars for tea, coffee, sugar and marbled ones to match cups.



Cup. Around 110mm. high . Marbled porcelains and with flame and ash halos $79





Lg. teapot, five to six cup capacity. Shino glaze stoneware with flame flashing. $175


Stoneware sphere vase with ashed cobalt glaze. $165



Cup Marbled stoneware and porcelain .90mmm. high. Shino glaze. av. $55. Larger ones are $65



Stoneware vase with ash and flame effects. 100 mm. high $90



Gourd style vase. Porcelain,wood ash and flame 215 mm. high. $165



Marbled Vase 360 mm. high, dark stoneware with porcelain. $225


Porcelain lidded bowl,  with burnished copper and silver wattle ashing. 13 cm. diameter


Pivot and pour style stoneware teapot with ash and flame effects. 3.5 cup capacity. $145


Lg. porcelain bowl,  cobalt glaze inside, marbled copper outside. It is 25.5 cm. in diameter by 10.5 cm. high. It is $165.