by John Martin

John at Glen huon

BA (History, Philosophy) , Dip Ed., Assoc. Dip. Art Craft & Design (Ceramics)

I have exclusively woodfired  since building my first kiln in 1985, at Glen Huon in the Huon Valley. We were very poor then, money wise, although it was a wonderful life.  I learnt to be resourceful. The first kiln was built from second hand firebricks collected from  around the State. Then the workshop was built,  also with imaginative use of scant resources.  Within two years I could not keep up with orders. These days, I have scaled right back and easing into an enjoyable retirement.

I am now at Mt Nelson, overlooking Hobart ,surrounded by bush and wildlife, and few other houses. My work reflects the  wilderness colours of Tasmania, including those of moss and lichen , of wildflowers , of the night skies, and of our rivers and beaches.  Form, light and shadow, also the spaces between, are a source of delight and inspiration.

There may be a particular energy coming  from each pot which reflects the making and firing process, and, I hope, my sense of being in this world, which is the gift of the maker, me, to you, and is a way of expressing all the joys and sorrows, successes and failures, of the choices made in a life. My life, which is not so different from yours.. Each pot has its own special story.

I believe this type of communication is something everyone can relate to. Just how hard it is to get it right.  It is the essence of all our creativity, and simply just living. The trying.

Functional pottery and display pieces are entirely hand-made,  with equal attention to their individual character.  Stoneware and porcelain clays have been  high-fired to 1300 degrees Celsius to ensure utmost  strength and repose. Graduation through fire. No toxic substances are used.

 IMG_20170324_161344 2

 To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower 
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 
And Eternity in an hour


Yes, I am and always have been, a daydreamer. More convinced than ever that to try for a meaningful life is the first priority, and all else follows.

 If something can be imagined it can be created. Einstein said that imagination comes first and all else follows.

Maybe not now, but sometime. We create our personal , and our collective reality, by what we imagine. Take care in what you imagine then. Life on this planet may depend upon it.